Bringing Back An American Treasure

News 9’s Mike Glover spoke with the owners of ‘Kidoodles, a toy store in Norman offering a one-of-a-kind holiday shopping experience.

For adults, it’s like visiting a magical place from the past. Yeah, a real-life toy store with everything a kid, young and old, could want.

“I feel like Tom Hanks from Big. I get to play with toys and see fun people all day long,” said Stephani O’Hara, owner of Kidoodles toy store in Norman.

From the first time O’Hara walked into the store, years ago, she knew one day she wanted to own the now 39-year-old business. “We opened in September, and it’s been awesome,” said O’Hara.

Offering something you typically don’t get when going shopping. “We offer you hugs, we know your name, we gift wrap for you, and we show you the latest things in case you don’t know what a four-year-old girl wants for her birthday,” said O’Hara.

Just in time for Christmas, when kids find items that they want in the store, they are able to make their personal gift list for Santa. “They put it in the mailbox that goes to Santa, and then we keep a copy for ourselves here on file in case the family wants to come in and shop,” said O’Hara.

While shopping there is simply nothing better than a special joke from Joan “Nana” Cotton “Do you know the “naughtiest” reindeer that Santa has in his heed? Rude off,” said Joan Cotton, O’Hara’s mother.

Aside from Nana Cotton’s jokes and story time, long-time patrons of the store love the little door. “We didn’t know when we moved locations if we were going to bring the little door with us, but that’s what people talk about the most, thousands and thousands of kids have walked through that little door,” said O’Hara.

The store is full of clothes candy and toys from the past and the present. “If you have five dollars allowance money to spend, come on in, we have something for you. If your budget is a bit more than that, that’s great too,” said O’Hara.

Yeah, this place really is magical. “Put a lot of smiles and bring a lot of joy to people that come to Kidoodles,” said O’Hara.

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