Kidoodle launches grand re-opening with new attractions

kidoodles of norman grand openeing
Left to right: Gideon Holt, Stephanie O'Hara, Aidan O'Hara, Jack White, Everett Lee attended the grand reopening of Kidoodles Toy Store.

Stephanie O’Hara happily greeted two customers who walked into Kidoodle on Friday afternoon. With a cheerful voice, she asked them how they were doing while continuing a chat with The Transcript.

The beloved toy store has been in Norman for 40 years and is a staple in the community. Now, with some remodeling and new attractions, the community attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the store and its new location.

Kiddoodle is now located at Carriage Plaza Shopping Center and offers new options.

O’Hara was a long-time customer and often made her kids’ birthday toy baskets by taking them to Kidoodle. When she learned the owners were retiring last spring, she knew she wanted to keep the store alive.

“Over the years, I would joke with Jennifer, the manager of Kidoodles — to ‘put my name in the hat’ to purchase the store when the Copelins decided to retire,” O’Hara, who has been a customer since 2008, said.

To her surprise, the phone call came in January, and the original owners closed the doors in May. The O’Haras bought the store the same month.

Now, she — and her family — have taken leaps to improve an already successful toy store while keeping the store true to its roots.

“We even offer ‘Generation’ Kidoodles hats — 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen — for those original customers from 1980s who are now grandparents and have custom ‘This Smells Like Kidoodles!’ bubblegum scented candles,” O’Hara said.

Renovations started in June. O’Hara said she and the manager — who previously worked at the first location — started purchasing items.

‘We brought the little door with us! Thousands and thousands of children (and adults) have walked through that little door over the last four decades — it truly is a nostalgic icon in Norman,” she said.

The store now offers clothing, which is a new addition. It also has stuffed animals, books, games, and educational toys.

“We take pride in procuring many brands that are women-owned, items that are made in the USA, minority-owned, sustainable/green,” she said.

The store hosts story time each Thursday at 4 p.m. with a book read by O’Hara’s mother. The store is open Monday-Saturday and closed on Sunday.

“We do complimentary gift wrapping — and have already been wrapping packages for Christmas! — curbside service, birthday basket registries,” she said.

O’Hara said since her family is also in the funeral home business, they have a special appreciation for life.

“We feel like life should be celebrated,” she said. “Especially birthdays.”

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